Introducing Myself

I blog to get the crazy out.CasiProfile

Some days I write about my life, and some days I respond to something happening on the public stage. Some days I hide my feelings in poetry, and other days I retreat from reality altogether. But of I don’t write then it builds up in my head until it is spilling out of my mouth, my hands, and my eyes.

Blogging is my pressure valve.

You can usually find me at A Geek’s Eye View, but I constantly want to learn. The Blogging University at Daily Post has some good classes, but I wanted to be on their platform to participate. However, many things will be double posted to there and links relating to personal or previous blog posts will probably take you back there.

That’s “Why I’m here.” “Who I am” has a much more complicated answer.

I love to wrHenry6moite, so I am a writer. However, I haven’t been paid for my work, so I am not an author. I am a wife, a step-mother, a new mother (Henry is six-months-old), a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, and more. I have a lot of family that I am close to. I am always a student, but I teach when I can. I am a geek, a book lover, a game player, an introvert, a crafter, a baker, and about a million other things that I will write about on my blog. I am preparing for some significant life changes, and determined to keep some things the same. I love technology, but believe that everyone should have a marketable skill that does not rely on any tech. I can sew, embroider, and teach without tech.

Ask me anything and I’ll probably answer a little too bluntly.


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