Water Haikus

img_7051At first it’s frozen –

Solid. Cold and crystalized

Water falls as snow.

As spring comes it warms

And melts. Slush gathers dirt, grime.

Freezing and thawing.

Then the warmth stays and

Melts the slush. Water runs down

Flooding streams and towns.

Some water sinks down,

Quenching the plants’ thirst. It helps

The food and blooms grow.

Some water floats up

Evaporating to grow

Clouds from white to black.

Then heat and clashes

Make it fall from the sky and clouds.

Rain and hail in storms.

As leaves fall in

Autumn and the weather cools

Rain turns to sleet, then snow.

The water cycle,

The turn of the year all put

In seven haiku.




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