Friendship Acrostic

Energy, exciting, strange, pours through me. CasiProfile

Running over me with fierce-some greed that

Only slakes when fed quite faithfully. And

So we wed today to bed tonight. Quenched.



Persons known for years and years don’t bother

Hiding fears from one another. Can’t work

If they hide them, knowing can’t be done, so

Life is lived while choosing who can see and

Is quite worthy receiving our inner

Attitudes. Do we get theirs from them back?



oving playing games with you as we fall

Under time’s swift passing spell we flirt and

Drink around the gaming table. We now

Unearth treasures, killing monsters, questing

Still for more paths. Passing time together.



All men are created equal starting

Gear is similar, but choices change us.

All men must be loved as humans, but we

Prejudice ourselves against each other.

Equal means we’re equal. Love us all. All.



Praising partners is good, but to only

Ruins some relationships. The hidden

Accuracy drug behind the praises.

Getting honest, real and knowing self is

Moving toward substantive grown pairings.

All can get there if they want to work hard.



Personal, my feelings change with passing

Hours as a mother, wife and daughter

I am. Roles that I must change at need, but

Love them all – they’re not just me. I live not

All alone inside my skull but others

Underneath them I do live, and hide my

Thoughts when something doesn’t match with real life.

I then dig deep down until I can learn

All of me to love again and joy comes.


I wrote this for the Poetry 101 course. We were to write an acrostic on Friendship. I used the multiple Greek words for Love. 



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