The Other Side

A girl from the city of SaksAlaska_Railroad_tracks

Once wandered far over the tracks.

A boy with a voice,

Then asked – quite by choice –

“So how do you stand all the cracks?”


She answered the boy from the hood,

“It looked like such fun where I stood –

Adventure and games,

With no one to blame.

I’m bored so I came while I could.”


He blinked at the girl with the wealth,

So beautiful, full of such health.

He realized she –

With shopping all free –

Had had to get out using stealth.


“Your life is not perfect!” said he.

“And neither is yours,” replied she.

A lesson each learned:

Perfection is earned.

The lesson set each of them free.


I wrote this for Poetry 101, “Limericks about imperfection.” 


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