Taglines and Titles

CasiProfilePart of the Blogging Fundamentals class (Day 2) was exploring your title and your tagline. My main blog is “A Geek’s Eye View,” partly (mostly) because I liked the sound of it and the juxtaposition of it. However, I have never had a tagline that I loved. They were just sort of there to describe the blog. However, their suggestions on how to brainstorm ideas for the title and tagline gave me some pointers on how to come up with a good idea.

Their advice is to start with two sets of words and phrases. The first should be personal to you. These should be adjectives and phrases that reflect your personality and/or what will be on your blog. For me, this group includes: geek, mother, writing, teaching, learning, education and more. Some of them are a little less desirable for googling (SE0) or paint me in an unwanted light. (I’m not perfect, but don’t want to lay my faults out on display).

The other half relates to “standard phrases.” For my main blog “A Geek’s Eye View” that centers around the original phrase “A Bird’s Eye View .” Bird, eye, and view are all words that I can play with to create a tagline (or post titles). Feathers, eggs, nest, and flight are all popping into my mind instantly. For “eye,” the top of the head results are sight, orb, color, and light. View brings to mind opinion, viewpoint, vista and look out I put in four minutes looking at each word.

I did not want to leave my second blog out. After all, that’s the platform where the classes are held. The idea is that is ties into the “Geek’s Eye View” blog, so I am hanging onto some words for the original blog. To that list, I am adding brainstorms for “keeps,” “learning,” and “blogging.” Again I spent four minutes looking for connecting words and phrases to create a tagline with.

After all this brainstorming I began trying to reimagine the words into phrases. I wanted about three options for each blog. It took some time to find things I liked. I found a couple that a liked. For A Geek’s Eye View: “Keeping the ground in sight, while dreams take flight.” is my favorite because it encompasses the useful posts as well as the fanciful posts of my stories and poetry. It also refers to the title; because “a bird’s eye view” is presumed to be while they are in flight.

A Geek Keeps Learning has a new tagline too, “Because an education is never done.” I wanted to work the word “grok” in, but I couldn’t find any way to do, so that felt good. However, I will keep working on it.

Another day of the blogging fundamentals course is to play with the layout of the blog. I tried playing with different themes on word press, but I like mine. So it’s not changing. That’s for A Geek Keeps Learning. As for a geek’s Eye View, I plan to update the entire blog once my life overturns again, (which is in a few months), so I was playing with the Dynamic Views templates. I know which one I want to use. The next step is to figure out a color palette.

Any suggestions on what I should use?


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