Silence and Starting

A silent moment, calm, relaxed. I write

A story, poems and blogs to clear my brain.

A rush of sweet romance so very trite.

Through silence, screaming wails. I start again.


A silent moment. Peaceful reading books:

Medieval fantasy – a quest for pen

Of mighty stories, hidden by the cooks…

A door now clicks, unlocks. I start again.


A silent moment, stitching pictures which –

Enjoyable despite some stabs of pain.

A needle in the finger, thread a switch.

The dinner bell, it dings. I start again.


A silent moment, look at all this gain.

A sound breaks it. I sigh. I start again.


Poetry 101 wanted us to write a poem using repetition at the beginning and the end of the poem. It was difficult to do it in a sonnet, but I had fun. The topic was supposed to be “pleasure.” 


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