Five Series on an Island

Someone else inspired this post, but I can’t find the original post. I read it and enjoyed the books that she would include on her desert island. I chose to write a post about the books that I would enjoy on a desert island. If I were alone on an island there areIMG_1669 several different books that I would want, limiting it to five is nearly impossible. However, I think I have (mostly) managed it.

The first book I would want is to help me survive. The original author suggested SAS. However, Robert’s Boy Scout Handbook has much of the same information.

Once I manage to survive I am going to need comforting. My security blanket books are Spider Robinson‘s Callahan Series, so Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon Omnibus is a must. I know it is three books in one, but each one is a short book. Plus, the story only ends with the end of the third one.

Surviving and comforted, I now have lots of time on my hands. One thing I could do is get the Lord of the Rings trilogy read. I can’t seem to push myself through it, so all of this alone time would be the perfect time to do so. I would even have enough time to get philosophy, lessons, and enjoyment from them. However, I would probably still get characters and plot points mixed up.

Being alone on a deserted island gives me ample time to study something new, too. A deserted island would also have a lack of electricity. By extension, that means no light pollution. No light means that I will be able to see the stars much better. I would want a book on astronomy. I might have to study the book during the daylight hours, but it would give me something to fall asleep to at night.

Finally, I would need away to bring or create some old friends to pass the time. The blog I read suggested Lackey’s Bardic Tales Omnibus. My first thought for Lackey is the Queen’s Arrows trilogy, but as I reflected upon it, I realized that I would prefer Tamera Pierce‘s Tortall series. Yes, this is way more than one book, but they are very interconnected and build upon each other. They also are not that long. The books and the characters in them feel like old friends when I read it.

Those are the five series that I would want on a deserted island. However, I am not alone anymore, and books are only superb entertainment for an individual. Next time, I will discuss the five board/card/table games that I would want my family and I to have on a deserted island.

I wrote this blog as part of the blogging fundamentals series. They wanted me to take a comment and expand on it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original comment. I have a few more of these as well. 


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