Five Games

IMG_1171Last time I talked about the five books that I would like on a deserted island. However, I do not exist in a vacuum. Ideally, if stranded, I would end up with my family. Rather than books for entertainment, we would want games that we could play together. So here is my list of five games we would want:

First of all, we would want a game that would be different every time we played and would also be complicated enough to take our mind off of the problems at hand. For this choice, I would choose Firefly and its expansions. Firefly has many different story scenarios to play and can even be played solo. On a deserted island, with the full game, we could probably make up additional material of our own if the old stories and locations get boring.

Firefly is an awesome game, but it takes a lot of brain power. Somedays we would be so exhausted from surviving that we wouldn’t even want to look at it. So we need a game that takes little brain power, is appropriate for little kids (can it forget Henry), and that we all find enjoyable – Uno. Yes, Uno is overdone, over played and boring for many, but it would be that touch of home that everyone needs. Also because of how big a good Uno deck is it can easily be turned into a regular deck of cards. Everyone just has to agree on which action Uno card is what face card before hand.

Both Firefly and Uno are competitive, and there are times where we will want to play cooperative games to build up teamwork. Two different games popped into my head, but one would just be silly So, I will take the second. Let is discuss the first one first, though. Forbidden Island is a very cooperative based game. But it is set on a deserted island. Why remind ourselves of the problems that we have? Why imagine the deserted island we are on sinking? On the other hand, Martians is also a cooperative game, has a lot of variability, and can be played competitively. I just wish that they had made expansions for it like “Zombies!!!

We will need something to keep our minds sharp. I prefer “You’ve Been Sentenced,” which is a sentence creation game. However, debates required to resolve issues of what is a sentence can cause strife. Scrabble is a good one, but without a dictionary, which we don’t have, (see my previous post), we would have difficulty resolving disputes. So that is out. The Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Case has good logic but is limited to the cases it contains. Plus, Robert doesn’t like it. However, the Riddle Cube game is something that can be used to keep us sharp, and we can create new challenges for each other once the cards get boring.

Finally, the whole family enjoys roleplaying games. However, that takes a lot of books, paper, and planning. On the other hand, Munchkin has a lot of expansions and room for variants. Then with all that time we can turn playing that game into a full roleplaying game.

For a bonus, we could make a Go/Othello/Paduk set out of rocks on the island. That one wouldn’t have to be stranded with us. We’d use indigenous objects to create it. The only problem with that game is that it is a two person game.

What games would you want on a deserted island with your family? Or friends?

After writing the blog post about the five books, I realized that it was an expansion on the blog comment that I had made. However, it did not add anything or take a new direction. This blog post does. (Response to Day 9: Get Inspired by the Neighbors.)


5 thoughts on “Five Games

  1. Oh oh oh! 7 Wonders looks awesome! I don’t think I could get the teenager to do Quiddler, but my hubby and I would probably enjoy it. … Telestrations and Scategories I already know won’t fly here. They just don’t go over well with us.


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