Walking Into the Storm

A march without a stop, unable to.Approaching Storm

With throbbing, bleeding feet we walk and walk

As always on the horizon storms do brew.

These raging tempests from our minds we block.


But closer we do always traipse to them.

They grow and blacken as we near. Eyes closed

Until they break o’er us and leave us dumb.

We tremble fearful, think our death supposed.


But when the squall unending feels, a light

Breaks through. Then wind and rain just stop. A peace

Of green and blue is where a bird takes flight.

We wish a world where shifting storms do cease.


These storms are change, and nothing stops it. We

Still walk through life and storms. Our paths are free.


Posted for Poetry 101 Day 10: Future and Sonnet. I wrote this a few days before starting Poetry 101, and everytime I sat down to tackle the assignment this one kept popping into my head. So I thought that I would post it to share with you here. 


Originally posted on A Geek’s Eye View. 


3 thoughts on “Walking Into the Storm

    1. Thank you. I do like this piece better than some of my other sonnets. My advice is the same as it is for any type of writing: practice it constantly, and study from others. In this case that means learning and trying different kinds of forms – sonnet, haiku, Poetry 101 class taught me how to write limericks.

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      1. Poetry 101 is definitely helping me write different poems I never thought I would write before! Thank You for the advice and follow!

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