About Me

Hello, my readers!

I hope to share my forest

Of thoughts and visions.


A mother, learner, daughter, writer, all

Are slices that combine to make just me.

Like long brown hair, and stature short, not tall.

They’re puzzle pieces. None are floating free.

As mother, I now learn to care for boys –

A teen, a babe, both look to me for help.

So I do teach them: “Care for all your toys.”

I’d rather raise a man and not a whelp.

A reader, I learn. Study everything.

From ancient history and politics

To futurist technology, I bring

Opinions – strong and blunt. They fall like bricks.

A traveler through life, I share my days.

I’m hoping that with you my writing stays.

A girl from the valley of sun,

Who wears her long hair in a bun.

She travels around,

Her writings abound,

And never quite seems to be done.