Blog Roll

There are two types of blogs that I follow. I follow parenting blogs because I am a mother and a new one that doesn’t have a lot of “parent friends.” Reading parenting blogs gives me ideas and stories that I relate to. I follow writing blogs because I enjoy writing myself. I hope to one day sell my stories. To that end, I read both aspiring writers for camaraderie and professional writers for more education and information about the writing world.

Also, I follow a smattering of blogs about travel, teaching, and other topics. Most of these I read because something about how the author writes captures my attention. For travel, it may be that they get into the local culture instead of just talking about the tourist locations. For teaching, it may be that they share experiences that I have had as well. I might follow a reading blog because there are a lot of books in genres that I enjoy there.

So here are some blogs that I am enjoying right now:

Kids Crumbs and Crackers by Lisa, a mother of four. She shares fascinating snippets of her life, and it’s great to get glimpses that everyone else doesn’t have a supremely perfect life, or a life so messed up it should be on TV. The in between is nice, and she has a beautiful way of telling it.

From the Desk of Jakebe T. Rabbit. There are a lot of good articles on the blog about writing. He also keeps us updated about his state of writing. I particularly like the Episodic Pacing post.

Lately, I’ve also been reading a lot of “Travel Much?” which appears in both English and Norse. Now that’s an enterprising blogger. She’s been to several places around the world, including Spain, Japan, and Norway. Also, she always has beautiful pictures to go with her posts.

Web Comic:
Scandinavia and the World is an excellent webcomic. The premise is that each nation is personified, and they interact together. It often takes on political issues that are encompassing the world, or at least Europe, but they also have a lot of fun with it.

Shameless Plugs!
Also, I regularly read some of my family’s blogs. There is mine, A Geek’s Eye View, which is about my family and includes a lot of my writing. My mother writes “Whatever Happened To…?” She’s magnificent at writing essays. Finally, my uncle writes Undulant Fever whenever the mood strikes him.

My intent is to attempt to update this blog roll every month or so with new blogs that I am currently finding fascinating. However, I’m not sure how often that will happen. Life comes before the internet.

Other than your own, what blog has captured your attention lately?